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Sign with facial recognition

We apply facial recognition technology as an authentication solution Identifying the unique points of the face through the cell phone camera

Quick signature Like a selfie!

In addition to the signature, you can also ask the subscriber to take a selfie and photograph an identity document

Sign without a pen!

Use the mouse or even your finger to sign documents conveniently from anywhere and at any time

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Don't worry, our application will notify you when a document arrives to sign and when this happens, just select the file and sign

YES, we have integration

Just send the document to our API and we will return it signed, without leaving your system, and technologically simpl

Just send the document to our API and we will return it signed, without leaving your system, and technologically simple

Send a large number of documents for signature in minutes

Dynamic Form

Create a standard document in which the subscriber will fill in the necessary information

Thousands of documents signed securely and growing

Commitment to your security

We use several resources to make your subscription extremely secure


Your client will be able to read and sign documents without having to leave the system.


The date and time stamp synchronized with the National Observatory attests to the exact moment that the document received the signature, guaranteeing the veracity of the information and that it was not tampered with in the time interval between signing and consulting the document.


We use the HTTPS protocol and SHA-2 encryption (SHA Hash 256 and 512) sending documents to digital vaults encrypted by SSE and SSE-C technology and stored in Cloudfront.


Facial recognition, Selfie, Fingerprint, E-mail, CPF (Validated with the Federal Revenue), IP, Geolocation, Access code, Login with password, on-screen signature, among other ways to guarantee the authenticity of the electronic signature in a practical way.

Legal validity

Guarantees legal validity of documents in electronic form.


Virtually all types of documents accept electronic signatures: Sales contracts, rental contracts, powers of attorney, internal approvals, commercial proposals, purchase contracts, insurance proposals, financial contracts, purchase orders, agreements, general inspections, etc.

Prices and Plans

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All plans have:
Authentication via Selfie    Facial Recognition   Electronic signature and certificateo   Sending via WhatsApp   Application    Notification via SMS Legal validity Specialized support    Filter by TAGs


$ 0,00 /mês
  • 2 monthly shipments
  • 1 User
  • All security authentications
  • No API


$ 5 /mês
  • 20 monthly shipments
  • Unlimited Users
  • All security authentications
  • No API


$ 9,90 /mês
  • 40 monthly uploads
  • Unlimited Users
  • All security authentications
  • Batch shipping
  • Dynamic Form
  • Signature Positioning
  • API


$ 19,90 /mês
  • 80 monthly uploads
  • Unlimited Users
  • All security authentications
  • Batch shipping
  • Dynamic Form
  • Signature Positioning
  • In-person Subscription
  • API

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Why use Fast4Sign?

Fast4Sign is a powerful electronic signature tool, you can formalize the signing of a document in a few minutes with the highest security, ease and legal certainty.

It's a new way of signing documents so you can get more and more results. If you need to formalize documents with legal security, but have never used an electronic signature tool, Fast4Sign is the right platform at the right time for you.

Common questions

Como assinar um documento ?

Suponho que você tenha recebido um convite por email. Se sim, basta clicar no link que está no seu email que irá abrir uma página solicitando suas informações cadastrais. Ao finalizar o cadastro, irá exibir uma página com os documento que precisar ser assinados, clique no botão acessar de cada documento e em seguida no botão assinar. Se ainda tiver alguma dúvida, veja o vídeo abaixo:

Abrir vídeo
Como trocar o meu e-mail ?

Clique no menu “configurações”, na aba “perfil” procure por um botão azul ao lado do seu e-mail, clique no botão, preencha o campo com seu “novo” e-mail, o sistema solicitará um token, aonde será enviado para seu e-mail “novo”.

Como troco a minha senha ?

Entre no link de login: ( já estando na pagina clique em “Clique aqui para recuperá-la”, você será direcionado para uma tela aonde deve preencher o campo com seu e-mail, após preencher e confirmar o envio, você receberá um link para a troca de senha no seu e-mail, clique no link, e faça o processo de troca, preenchendo os campos “nova senha” e “confirmar senha”


Não recebi o documento para assinar. O que faço agora?

Contate a empresa que solicitou sua assinatura, confirme se foi enviado o documento e para qual e-mail foi solicitado a assinatura, caso a empresa tenha solicitado para um e-mail diferente, informe qual é o e-mail correto. O correto é o e-mail você utiliza para acessar o sistema.

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